From Hannover to Hamburg



There is only one road. And no dice, but a car and so there I go, buy dice.

First signs: a trucker quartet indicates longer distances, the magnifier on a map,




and 20 cubes in five rows point to a zip code, I can see in the first row: 6, Frankfurt area,
I don't feel like going there, turn the package upside down, and after a few crossfoot checks
I get Hanover, a post code for 79 mailboxes. Trucker luck: On the way to Hanover I pass real 1000 meters!
Exiting the expressway I come across THE dice place of Hannover, I have to stop urgently and throw my dice.
I don't have a phone book but I have a map from 1994 with 24 pages street directory.
I throw three dice in order to find the right page, count the three that remain on the hood of my car,
to get to the line: Gosewischstrasse.
On the way canoeists cross my path, can I find water somewhere around here?
I'm thirsty, it's hot, traffic jam, Friday afternoon!




I had the number 79 (mailboxes) in my mind, there was finally a number 7 at an extinct looking
residential street with well-kept houses. An inconspicuous house with closed garden gates, including RV,
exclusive sign of life, no single soul in the street, two doves pecking in the driveway.
A trash can, 1984 on it. After all, quite a number. I look around, shaved lawn, coiffured bushes, freshly swept, nothing!




And yet, in the entrance, a figure with a goose, Hans in Luck?
I walk back to the car and stumble over a white (goose?) feather. Gänselieselweg (Goose Lily Way), garbage cans sum 4!




Again so deserted ! But the house with the number 4 stands out, painted blue, a huge tree in front of the door,
it's all flowery wild, almost village-ish. A gekko on the wall.
Water! I'm thirsty, it is getting hotter. Something Mediterranean?
A barometer, large as a porthole, marine? I want the sea!
A very striking self-carved nameplate on the door, a lot of people live there.

On closer inspection of the photos, I realize I was wrong. Ü (over) 50. I see what I want, now it's too late,
I already decided to choose Namedorfstraße (Name Village Street).
There was no Gekkoway that would have been too flat, I didn't want to go to the zoo
and the names on the plate were enough for a village. (in my valley there are only three).
How did I get the number, oh yeah, a sign on a neatly sprayed wall (Beagle Boys) around the corner








Hot! Thirst! Nobody, no shop, nothing here! A pump in the garden, a water hose, sweltering heat.
Where did they all go? I turn around once. Opposite someone has tried bell founding.
Typical Hannover, only funny parts came out, but worth being exposed in front of the house.
A blue dustbin. I want to go to the ocean!
Sorry Hannover, don't take it personally, but if none of you shows up here while I'm on worldwide ambassador mission,
I can not really be serious. It is absolutely too dusty and too hot for me here,
the Glockengießerwall (Bell Founder Way) is in Hamburg, my trucker navi says, and there will probably be water and air galore!













Moreover, there is the Kunsthalle (Art Hall!) and right now an exhibition opening with bread, beer, and above all, with breeze!





Thanks, Dagie! Great game! Hamburg, let's do it next time!